House rules


New Greenhouse is a green accommodation, and in order to live up to this, both the landlords and the tenants must be careful about their energy consumption. Energy consumption is measured separately for each home (room).

Today, the following house rules apply:

The tenant must always clean up after him-/herself in public areas, such as kitchen and bathroom.

Maximum one person may live in each room.

The tenant must comply with the rules of recycling.

The tenant is not entitled to use electric fans, electric radiators, air conditioners or the like in the rooms. For your information, according to the Swedish authorities (the Swedish Consumer Agency and the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning) state that the minimum indoor temperature is 18 degrees, and that as a tenant under real cold winters or cold spells should temporarily accept lower temperatures.

It is not allowed to use refrigerators, hotplates, microwave ovens, water or coffee makers, toasters or similar in the rooms.

Major parties with external participants are not allowed.

No pets are allowed.

Please respect that New Greenhouse is a non-smoking building

To avoid get smoke sucked inside the building, which will activate the smoke detectors, please do not smoke right outside the front doors or windows

Please use referred ashtrays

Keep in mind that the corridors are used as emergency exit and cannot be blocked

Bicycles should be placed in the stands

The corridors are also used in case of an evacuation, so please do not keep or repair bicycles indoor. If you do the bicycles will be confiscated and returned for 500 SEK

Please use the lawns for activities, but do not forget to put them back in order. Grilling is only permitted at designated places

Note! Access to the lawns is not included in the rent and therefore it is of extra importance that you leave it in order

Please respect to only use the allocated toilet / shower room to avoid irritation

Please use the exercise room and sauna, but please remember to leave it in order after every visit

It is not allowed to have any parties at New Greenhouse

Lost key will be debited 1500 SEK. Lost tag will be debited 800 SEK

Emergency opening of student rooms after office hours will be debited 900 SEK

If the fire alarm goes off due to carelessness, this will be collectively debited by 1000 SEK in the corridor it was caused. Note that each false alarm costs the property owner approximately 7000 SEK.

Please always let us know if anything breaks or disappear. Do not replace broken or disappeared things with equivalent.

Please respect to waste garbage in the correct waste containers. Description is available in the environmental house. If the garbage is not properly sorted, the risk is high that the garbage cannot be emptied. For example, there may be no garbage bags in the glass container (glass only) and so on.

Note! Cars belonging to New Greenhouse students should be parked only at the specified location after approval by the property owner.




-Kitchen fan should always be turned on when cooking

-Do not leave leftovers or breadcrumbs on the counter, table or floors after using the kitchen

-Garbage is to be sorted according to instructions by the recycling centre

-Cleaning should be done regular or when needed and should include

1.Wipe all free surfaces

2.Clean the freezer/fridge

3.Clean the oven/stove


-Please respect to only use the assigned toilet / shower room to avoid irritation

-Toilet and sink should be left in order after every visit

-Remove hair from drains and floor

-Scratch the floor after shower with the intended rubber scraper

-Cleaning should be done regular or when needed and should include

1.Wipe all surfaces

2.Clean toilet with detergent

3.Go over the floor with a wet mop


-Check filters after every washing and clean the filter if needed

-The Laundry should be left in order after every visit


-Keep in mind that the corridors are used as emergency exit and cannot be blocked


-Toilet, shower and sauna should be left in order after every visit

The cleaning will be controlled regular according to a checklist in every corridor, if there are remarks on the checklist this means it should be done as soon as possible or a cleaning company will be contacted, and this will be collectively debited.

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